Exceptionally Durable and Exquisite Driveways, Now A Reality in Melbourne

When thinking about doing your driveways, it all comes down to three main factors, which are durability, the aesthetic appeal and the cost. The first and critical step to take is finding a good contractor who has good knowledge in bitumen driveways construction, and you are on your way to success. In conducting research, it is important to have an idea of what it takes to have a good and long lasting driveway for your home or premises.  These include:

 Depth Of Foundation

Depending on the type of soil in your area and contractor considerations, the depth of foundation can vary from 8 to 10 inches for poorly drained soils and less than 8 inches for properly drained soils. Remember this base or foundation is the main determinant of quality for bitumen driveways.

Compaction Level of the Base

Experienced contractors are another important factor to consider for services on driveway asphalting Melbourne residents seek for. A good contractor must have proper equipment for thorough compaction of the subsurface layer, to leave no spaces for water seepage and air, which lead to rapid cracking of the surface. Bitumen driveways are compacted using heavy rollers for best results. Binding material such as cement is also used to hold compacted matter together and increase longevity.

Proper Drainage

Drainage is also an important consideration for construction. This refers to both the surface and the subsurface drainage. Adequate slope must be created for surface water to drain. Formation of stagnant pools on the surface will lead to water permeating into the subsurface leading to weakened structure and eventually potholes will emerge. Larger size subsurface material allows water to leach out well. Edges must at least have a 45-degree angle professionally installed for easy flow of runoff.

Intended Traffic

While planning for asphalt carparks or driveways, it is also crucial to consider the type of traffic on the surface. Those experiencing heavy traffic may require coarser base material size in the range 0.75 inches aggregate size, which may be able to handle greater load.

 Asphalt layer

The final layer of asphalt must also be thoroughly compacted to leave no allowance for ingress of foreign particles. The particle size and thickness of the final layer is also an important consideration. A good contractor will guide you on the best thickness of your surface for long life and beautiful exterior.

Construction Techniques

Every area of construction requires professionalism and proper workmanship. The edges must be done well, seam joints must be done well and with the appropriate binding agent which prevents slipping. Mix segregation must be avoided at all costs. Nelson asphalting company is among the best asphalt paving services Melbourne has today.

Maintenance Practices

A good construction should last more than a decade before requiring major repairs. Regular maintenance is also crucial because as time goes water may soften the sub surface grade and damage the drainage system. Regular inspection for cracks must be done and timely sealing done before damage occurs.

In conclusion, observing these factors and getting a top notch professional will ultimately give you a good looking and durable driveway. For more info, visit