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Tips on Storing Animal Mounts Safely & Securely in Public Self Storage

Self-storage facilities enjoy heavy usage all across Australia. This trend is especially true due to the great amount of convenience they afford their users. You could be having a large taxidermy collection and wish to keep it safely or perhaps find the need to store animal mounts temporarily while remodeling your home. Such instances call for caution to be practiced in how the entire exercise gets conducted. The guide below can assist you in preparing mounts and selecting the right kind of say, Docklands storage that would prevent damage by insects and direct sunlight.

How to Pack Taxidermy

The best way of protecting a taxidermy collection from harmful effects of pests, dust and sunlight when perhaps utilizing Brunswick storage, would possibly be to seal them away in wooden crates. You should find the crates easily from your taxidermist. Take time to mount it internally on the crate using wood screws, having loaded each trophy within its own crate. It would be helpful having someone assist in holding the plaque against the wood while setting in place the screws. It is indeed possible storing more than one mount within a single crate. Great care should be observed however during this exercise to ensure they avoid touching or bumping onto each other, as even some slight rubbing could leave abrasion marks on them.

Selecting Climate Control Storage

Ensuring a consistent level of temperature and humidity is among the most important steps to take in the quest of protecting a taxidermy collection. One is advised against storing the collection in an attic or basement, because huge fluctuations of temperature have potential of causing hides to crack. Fitzroy storage units and others with climate control, for instance, employ a dehumidifier and HVAC system for maintaining consistent, safe temperatures of between 60 and 85 degrees and keeping humidity levels below 60 percent.

Choosing a Secure Storage Facility

While climate control is quite important, it is critical to practice care when choosing a storage facility. Trophies are difficult to replace. One should thus ascertain that foolproof security is available, as it applies to Docklands storage facilities. This would be evident in the use of individual door alarms, video surveillance, as well as on-site management.

Deterring Pests

Having stored your collection in safety, take time to prepare the crates as it would prevent infestation by pests. You may place packets of say, silica gel or poison pellets inside the crates to ward off the threat of rodents, using silicon coating on the crate seams. Pest strips are a great idea for killing insects that could eat into mounts. The strips last for about four months and you will require performing routine checks on your unit in such case.

Utilizing public self storage facilities for preserving a taxidermy collection would afford you a number of benefits. These include customer-friendly self storage prices and convenient access for purposes of monitoring and keeping the unit sanitized properly.

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